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Banquet Centers

Skagway Banquet Center

Food and fun all in one place! Skagway’s sparkling new Banquet Center is the perfect setting for all your planned meetings. It’s where good times and good folks come together for the best of reasons. For luncheons, dinners or all-day extravaganzas, Skagway offers the perfect accommodations for all your banqueting needs. With Skagway providing the perfect location, all you need now is the occasion.


For a good time, call Skagway's North Deli at 308.384.8222 or the South Deli at 308.384.9005 to schedule your next successful event.




Skagway Banquet Center Reservation Procedures and Policies
620 West State Street, Suite B
Grand Island, NE 68001

  • The Skagway Banquet Center is available Sunday to Friday at an hourly rate of $35/hour plus damage deposit or the all day rate of $300 plus damage deposit.  All day Saturday is $700* plus damage deposit (& with Friday evening starting at 4pm at a discounted rate of additional $100).  If you reserve Saturday 6 weeks prior to the event the all day rate is $400.  All day is from 7a.m. to Midnight.   The rental fee and damage deposit are due at time of booking.
  • The Banquet Center will seat approximately 450 people comfortable.
  • Damage deposit is $200. 
  • On events larger than 100 people any prepaid rental/deposit fee is refundable if the reservation is cancelled at least 60 days before the reserved date.  The damage deposit is refundable with any cancellation.
  • The renter shall hold Skagway Discount Department Stores, Inc. (DBA Skagway) and Wilmar Realty, LLC (DBA Wilmar) and its employees harmless from all liability for injury, loss of or damage, to any person or property that occurs during the use of the facility by the renter or any of their guests.  The renter shall not use the facilities in violation of any Federal, State law or city ordinance and shall pay for special police if required.  The renter shall pay for any damage or breakage to the building or the property therein that occurs during the time or as a result of the use of the facilities by the renter.
  • All food and beverage served at the Skagway Banquet Center will be catered by the Skagway Deli/Bakery/Liquor departments.  An occasional exception to this rule may be allowed but should be discussed prior to booking.
  • Catered alcohol is available.  No alcoholic beverage shall be sold on the premises unless the same be sold and dispensed by Skagway Discount Department Stores, Inc. or Wilmar Realty, LLC or their agent.  A wrist band system will be used for those proving they are of legal drinking age. No kegs are available. No alcohol is allowed to leave the center with a guest at your event.  Renter must pay for any drink tickets in advance. If renter requests an open bar, the tab must be paid at the end of the event. No alcohol served after 11:30 pm.  If alcohol is served, renter must have a security guard present from the time alcohol starts to the end of the function. Skagway will line up the security guard and will charge the renter the current rate. Any minors caught drinking alcohol will be prosecuted.
  • The Banquet Center is smoke free on the inside, however smoking is permitted in the outside locked patio area. 
  • Skagway will set up and take down all tables and chairs.
  • No tape on the walls. You may use push pins, ceiling hooks or clips.
  • Renter is responsible to remove any decorations at the end of the rental period.  Skagway will take care of cleaning up the room.
  • Skagway will provide all white table covers.  Any other color of table covers other than white can be arranged at a $2.00 fee per table.  A three week notice needs to be given, in order to assure the color availability.
  • Skagway/Wilmar is not responsible for anything left by renter.  All property belonging to the renter must be removed at close of event.
  • Extra Bars are available upon request.  They can be either inside the building or outside in the locked patio area.  Based on the party size, there could be a minimum setup fee of $10/hr. to setup and take down the extra bars.